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What are funnels | how to build a sales funnel | what is clickfunnels

So what are funnels? in this article, you will learn everything about what are funnels, what is clickfunnels and how to build a sales funnel from scratch to get conversions.

Funnel Introduction:

Basically, a funnel is a series of steps through which marketers pass their targeted audience in order to get a conversion. A common mistake that people do is that they directly send their audience(which they get from different audience platforms such as youtube, Facebook, etc.) to the sales pages. Which isn’t really good because there are very low chances to get a conversion by this method. So this is where funnels come into the action. A funnel is a set of steps which are done by a customer. These steps urge the customer to do what a marketer want(most likely to buy a product).

How to build a sales funnel from scratch:

Mainly, there are two ways of making a marketing funnel. One is through manually building a series of pages which make a funnel. But for that, you will have to buy hosting, you will have to hire a developer and a designer to create those sets of pages for you. The second and easy method to create a funnel is to use one of the services providers who provide us with ready-made funnels. They have funnels for every kind of business. And you can use them for whatever business you want. So you have to select one related to your business, do simple editing and you are ready to go. So one of the best such services provider in the market is ClickfunnelsIt has helped a lot of small businesses to reach the next level. And I hope that it will help you too.

Creating marketing funnels through Clickfunnels:

In order to create a sales funnel through clickfunnels first, you will to Clickfunnels. Then you will have to signup for their 14-days free trial. After signing up for clickfunnels you will see a Dashboard like this:

clickfunnels dashboard

Under the quick links section, click on “Build a Funnel” and you will be redirected to the below page. Here you will have to select whatever the objective you want to achieve.

selling your product in clickfunnels

For this article, we will continue by selecting the objective of selling a product. After selecting the objective of selling a product, it will ask for the type of funnel as shown below:sales funnels

In this article, we want to sell a product after collecting leads so we will continue by selecting a “Sales Funnel” option. After selecting sales funnel, we will have to name our campaign and assign it a particular group as given below. After doing this, we will click on “Build Funnel”:

naming your funnel and adding a group tag in clickfunnels

Squeeze Page:

After clicking “Build Funnel”, it will show you different “E-mail Optin” templates. So this funnel basically consists of four steps/pages. At the first step/page, we will collect the e-mails of visitors by providing them with a bonus or any value for free. Because when a visitor comes to your site for the first time, there are low chances of buying your product. By using these e-mails, we will be able to re-target our customer in order to get a conversion. And it will also help us in building our e-mail list. Because there is a saying:

“If you are not building your e-mail list, you are not building your business”

For this particular funnel, we will continue with an e-mail opt-in template below:

squeeze pages in clickfunnels

And when we open it in a new tab, it looks like this:

example of a squeeze page in clickfunnels

Now at the above page, you will have to provide something for free or some bonus. For Example: If you are selling a physical product, then you will have to provide a coupon in exchange for G-mail account. If you have software or any soft product then you will have to provide a bonus in order to collect the e-mails.

Sales Page:

After collecting the e-mails from our audience, we will have to send them to the product/sales page where we want to sell them a product. For this, we will select the sales page on the left side of our click funnel dashboard. Then, it will show us different sales page templates and you have to select the one which best suits your business. For this article, we will continue with the 3rd one.

sales page templates in clickfunnels

On opening in the new tab, it looks like this:

a sales page

At the sales page, we have to explain everything about our product and then we have to give a call to action button for our customers to buy it.

Order Form:

After sales page, we have an order form. At the order form, we have to get the customer shipping and billing details. We also have to receive the payments at this page. There are different order forms available at clickfunnels. You have to select the one which is well-designed and suits your product. Most of the order forms look like this:

order form in clickfunnels

Thank You, Page:

In the end,  we have the thank you page. At the thank you page, we have to tell our customers that their order has been completed. A general thank you page looks something like this:

thank you page

In the end, you will get a link. When you will click on that link, it will take you to the funnel that you have created. So this was a complete journey of how marketing funnels work. Clickfunnels is a great place if you want to grow your business digitally. Besides providing these amazing funnels that can take your business to the next level, it also provides you with the knowledge on how to use these funnels effectively. If you wanna know how you can grow your business effectively using clickfunnels, you can check various courses that click funnels offer.

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